Catastrophic Geology

Earth's Event
The sequence of Earth's Event. This gives you the groundwork for understanding the young earth and what happened to it.

Ocean Basins
New startling evidence revealed by satellite technology

The Earth's Crust
The crust reveals all we need to know about what happened to the Earth.

Rivers and Canyons
Most rivers and canyons were formed in very short time periods

Gravel and Sand                The existence of sand and gravel that has no abrasion marks proves they were formed by a means other than erosion.

Radio  Halos 

This evidence by Dr. Gentry proves the earth's geologic layers were all laid down at one time and only 4,000 years ago.

There was at least one major planetary disaster that occurred in earth's recent past.  Exploration of the other planets has revealed the evidence. All the planets that have no erosion processes are pockmarked with meteorite impacts. 

Venus has a retrograde rotation. 

Mars has vivid evidence of  oceans being violently removed. The  evidence demonstrates  that it had water in abundance that rushed in torrents  over vast areas. A canyon that stretches for over 4000 km and is more than 6 kilometers deep. The volcano  of Olympus Mons stands 25 km above the surrounding region.  

The asteroid belt is the remnant of a destroyed planet who's core is probably the planet Pluto. It orbits in  a very elliptical and inclined orbit that is similar to the path the interloper took.  

Uranus was forced into an axis that is tilted 90 degrees to the elliptic. 

Jupiter and Saturn have  moons orbiting in retrograde motion.      Comets composed of  mud, water and other gases are  remnant ocean components drawn out  in great elliptical orbits.

Major impacts are visible on all planetary  moons.

The theory that I like best  is that our solar system was visited  by an interloper, a  star or other dense  gravity source that passed through our solarsystem. 

The  earth itself was completely transformed.

Before the event there were only shallow oceans and modest hills. The crust was consistant in thickness and formed a complete shell around the entire globe.

Interloper passed very close to the earth and ripped off more than half of its original crust.  The crust and some of its interior molten material was torn away from the earth,  but did not  get free from  its gravity influence and ended up in an orbit around the earth. The crust folded in on itself and left the heavy mascons on one side forming the lopsided mass distribution we know exists.  This fact alone eliminates the condensing nebula theory.

 The remaining crust which had been thoroughly fractured, broken  apart the current continents and these parts moved into their present locations in a rapid sequence. The alternating magnetic bands in the ocean basins mark the speed of the continents as the rate of daily travel.

The great river valleys, canyons  and mountains as well as all the geological layers were all formed at this time.  The story of this event  is  preserved in the earth for all to see.. The facts are everywhere if you just look. First you have to have an open mind and just look at what is. Check out earths event for the details.