The Body a Bio-Machine



The body is a Bio-machine. It is your vehicle, or Temple. It can only perform as well as we keep it maintained.

A sane person would never dream of putting junk in his cars oil or fuel system. We know that not running the car on regular basis will have detrimental effect on its longevity. Yet so many humans do not take care of their bodies.



The body needs to be supplied with plenty of pure water. At least a quart for every 100 lbs. per day. Much more if you are active. This water keeps the systems hydrated and allow the body to flow nutrition to the cells and carry away waste.



We must exercise our bodies. All of the systems perform better with exercise. Some systems like the lymphatic system cannot perform at all without the up and down motion and squeezing muscular activity.


We have to eat lots of uncooked raw fruits and vegetables. The body uses the minerals, amino acids and proteins to build and fortify itself.

Food supplies the building blocks components for this activity. IT isn't just fuel. It is building materials. Live food provides pre-built components that can be processed quickly because they have not been broken down by heat and chemicals.