The Lymphatic System


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The lymphatic system is the companion to our circulatory system. It's purpose is to recycle the fluids and other materials that have performed their functions and end up between the cells and body systems. The lymphatic vessels   are found in nearly all the textures and organs of the body. The system includes vessels and glands. 

This system gathers fluids, absorbents called lymph and chyle,  throughout the body and then conveys the gathered fluids  into the bloodstream through the Theoretic and Lymphatic Ducts.   This system helps produce and distribute antibodies as well as organizes white blood corpuscles into action.  There are times when we have swelling of lymph glands or nodes. This is when the lymph system is fighting a body infection.

Dr. Arthur C. Guyton, author of The Textbook of Medical Pathology, has published research that reveals that this  most important, but least understood function of our lymph system. He said " The lymphatic system represents an accessory route by which fluids can flow from the interstitial spaces into the blood. And most important of all, the lymphatic can carry proteins and large particulate matter away from the tissue spaces, neither of which can be removed by absorption directly into the blood capillary."

This is a vital function . The body would expire within a day without this process. To the degree that  this system doesn't perform properly the body health is effected.

The proper condition of the cell membranes is to have all the fluid inside and very little excess fluid in-between the cells.   If there is excess fluid in the membranes then the flow from the blood system is reduced as it has to overcome the pressure of the fluid between the cells. If the lymphatic system is performing properly , producing a low pressure state  in the membranes then the blood circulatory system functions much better.

The lymphatic system  has one way valves all along the lymph vessels. These one way valves produce flow when  the body moves. Both the squeezing muscular motion and the up and down action of activity pump the fluids.

You do not have to  perform vigorously to get great benefit. Walking or soft bouncing on a mini tramp is an excellent way to pump the system. You must have body activity for the system to perform. If your body  becomes inactive the system will not work and the body will slowly expire from this lack of use.