Some Old Pics



Surfing Lupe's Point Mazatlan Mexico 1967

Wearing my pants low, Surf was great that day, slight offshore to glassy 6 foot clean waves

That same trip we went to San Blass and had waves that we were able to ride for up to 1.5 miles awesome trip!!


   Kamron Kirkconnell       Lee Thayer        Popo Flores      Wayne Stikeleather         



Flying somewhere in Texas. This was my first Rogallo style glider. It only had a 4 to 1 glide ration so the flights were basically down, no soaring in this dart. Sometime around 1974.

Some of the early Houston fliers Myself, Mike Tyson, Jerry Clark and Jimmy Youngblood.


Sandia Crest New Mexico Take off


Honduras Oak Bay

Racing Copper Mountain 1978

  Snow Skiing Simulator