My Hobbies

            Right now my interests are focused more on softball. I play for JV Softball. My positions are currently second base and left field. My coach right now is really cool. 

           During this softball brigade, I am trying to squeeze in my dance classes. I do ballet, jazz, and tap. Right now we are working on a recital. We  just finished our Gala.

           Something new added to my busy schedule is being a cheerleader. We had to try out in front of the entire school, it was really nerve wrecking until I finally got out there and got comfortable. And I ended up making the squad along with my sister, which was really lucky, and my friend.

           I have also been accepted into NJHS. I don't know what we are doing because we haven't had a meeting yet!!

         That's all the info. I can provide for now. I'll try to update it later.