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Ruins of Sweetheart  Abbey

The Early Kirkconnell Generations

1160 - Michael   Anglo Norman
Flourished 1235 -  William Fitz de Kirkconnell  
  Michael de Kirkconnell  
  Andrew de Kirkconnell  
1296 Thomas of Kirkconnell homage to Edward I
1340 Simon Kirkconnell  
1380 Robert Kirkconnell  
died 1424? Andrew Kirkconnell died August 17,1424 in Normandy when an English army   annihilated ten thousand Galloway Troops. He left his daughter all.
  Janet Kirkconnell Married 1430 to Ayer de Maxwell brother of Herbert, First Lord Maxwell.
The Mediaeval Kirkconnells

The first Kirkconnell lairds were Anglo-Norman extraction according to P. H. McKerkie's History of the Lands and their owners in Galloway. The inhabitants had been partially Romanized up to A.D. 400, overlain thereafter by Gaelic-speaking immigrants from Ireland and a Norse domination in the 12th century.  The feudal system  was introduced in the 12th century reign of David I (1124-1153) but remained under native lords Fergus, his sons Uchtred and Gilbert, grandsons Duncan and Roland, and great-grandson Alan - as tributaries of the Scottish Crown. After Alan's death in 1234, the present Stewartry of Kirkcudbright passed into the hands of his Anglo_Norman son-in-law, John de Balliol of Barnard, and a revolt of the native Celtic gentry was but down by Balliol's overlord, King Alexander II of Scotland.

The first document showing the name of a laid of Kirkconnell was sighed about A.D. 1235 by William fitz Michael de Kirkeconeual. The form of the name is Anglo-Norman.

The coat of arms of the Kirkconnell's is in keeping with their notable early devotion to the Church and  with the Great Abbey built on their estate - not to mention the far more ancient "kirk of Saint Connell" from which the estate and family names are derived. In the top half is a miter and in the bottom half two croziers in the saltaire adorse, crossed back to back, all on an azure field.

The family motto is;

Numquam non paratus.

"Never Un-prepared"

This information was taken from the

"Kirkconnell Pedigree"

by Watson Kirkconnell

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