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By Kamron Kirkconnell


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The United States of America is unique in may ways. It is the first constitutional Republic in written earth history. Our founding fathers risked all they had, their lives, their property, and their families to end the tyranny of British Rule and declare their independence.  They  expressed in the Declaration of Independence"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness."  These Rights are precious and are the gift of our creator.  

The Revolutionary War  that followed was eventually   won by the colonies. The Founding Fathers and their patriots became the worlds first sovereign citizens. The rights and privileges of the King of England, the ownership and the bounty of the American Colonies was now owned by the people.   They carefully crafted the Constitution of the United States of America. This document  defines the role of the Federal Government  and limits the federal and government to a set of specified areas. Some of the rights of the sovereign citizen were given to the States. The States in turn gave some of their powers to the Federal Government.   The Liberty in America is insured only if the Constitution is followed and all citizens keep a watchful vigilance and participate in the process of governing their government.

In the Republic of The United States of America,  according to the constitution every sovereign  citizen is a King.   He owns his land outright and pays no taxes on rights. He owns arms without permits. He can travel on highways without a license or a permit. He is superior to the State and the State is superior to the Federal Government.

The United States of America was founded by devout Christian men. We gained our independence with the guidance and help of the Almighty and established a nation whose primary function is liberty and  freedom from all types of control and regulation. The Constitution and the Amendments were to LIMIT government not guarantee rights.  This is a very important point. The Constitution and Amendments limit our Federal  government to only the powers that were delegated to them.

Thomas Jefferson said "I consider the foundation of the Constitution as laid on this ground; That all powers not delegated to the United States, by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the State, are reserved to the States or to the people. To take a step beyond the boundaries thus specially drawn around the powers of Congress, is to take possession of a boundless field of power, no longer susceptible of any definition."

The Founding Fathers were concerned about the  inevitable growth of government and insisted that there be some additional amendments to the Constitution. Their concern    was expressed in the Preamble of the Bill of Rights. It is noteworthy that we hardly ever see the Preamble to the Bill of Rights in print. The clarity of the authors worry of Government over expansion is expressed in this preamble. The limitation of federal and State duties is further enforced by   the Tenth amendment.

Our founders clearly limited the powers of our government. They even wrote in some very important specific things that the government could never touch in the Bill of Rights just in case the people did not stay vigilant.  The Constitution and the Bill of Rights  need to be adhered to exactly if we are to keep our liberty. There are no changes necessary in the pre-civil war constitution.

The hierarchy of power according to our constitution  is:

Sovereign Citizen


Federal Government

Sovereign citizens created the States who created the federal government.  This is how it was set up. We the people command our civil servants.  Servants do not rule, they obey. 

What happened? How come we are now the commanded and our civil servants are now can command us through endless legislated hierarchies?  Oh we are not ruled by our civil servants? Try and not volunteer to participate in Social Security and see who is telling who what to do.   We have allowed the Constitution to be ignored. Just as Jefferson stated " To take a step beyond the boundaries thus specially drawn around the powers of Congress, is to take possession of a boundless field of power, no longer susceptible of any definition."  To let government out of the boundaries a tiny bit is a big mistake that started the monstrous growth.  This governmental expansion  has ballooned to the extent that now we have a structure that employs hundreds of thousands of high priced people all working in a vast bureaucracy that ineptly manages an ever growing  legislative mountain that is almost all un-constitutional. The runaway growth of regulations and Government bureaucracy is the exact thing the Constitution should   prevent ...if it is followed.

We as a people have to be aware of these documents and what they say. We as a people have to pay attention to what is occurring or our freedom will erode away, piece by piece, until we are free no more. This has already happened to such an extent that if we do not wake up soon and have our representatives reform the Government according to our best interests and the Constitutional structure  it will be too late.

Ever since Americans won their freedom there has been a coordinated effort to erode away our Sovereignty and take away the Liberty that was earned by the blood of the original patriots.

Just before the Civil War broke out America established the first 13th amendment.   "If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive or retain any title of nobility or honor, or shall, without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them."

This amendment  prohibited persons of title from holding office. Barons and Lawyers were prohibited from holding public office. This amendment appeared in law books in some , maybe all of the  states and then in the confusion of the Civil War it disappeared. The legal barons maintain that  the 13th state Virginia never approved the amendment. However   Virginia printed the amendment in its Senate Review. This is virtual proof they approved the amendment.   Could you imagine a  congress without lawyers? The link below goes into great details on this issue. 

I suspect that the original 13th amendment caused grave concern to the Loyalist conspirators. This amendment would have  prohibited foreign agents of the multinational Banksters and King of England's agents  from invading our government and eroding our Constitutional Process.   The Civil War created the confusion necessary to have the law removed and it mysteriously disappeared from the law books without explanation.  Read this excellent treatise on the 13th amendment.

In 1865 the new 13th amendment appeared. It is interesting to note that this amendment was listed as the 14th amendment in many States. This discrepancy has also disappeared.

The new 13th amendment abolished slavery but it did not confer citizenship to the former slaves or anyone else. The federal government at that time had no right to confer citizenship. Citizenship was a State issue.   If this right could be conferred at all  it would be the State that did it and not the federal government.  In some states the blacks were nationalized as citizens. In others,  blacks were not declared citizens and had no standing in courts. My point here is that  the Federal Government was still in its box and did not dictate to the States or to the inhabitants of States.

Then in 1868 the 14th amendment was written. This was a coup d'etat and a major step in the erosion of the Sovereign Citizen's  liberty. The amendment created the "citizen of the United States". The surface purpose of the amendment was to give the freed slaves citizenship. There were citizens of the United States before the amendment but they were only residing in the District of Columbia and territories. This amendment extended the federal governments jurisdiction to all persons who were not Citizens of States. So now throughout the land there are two types of "citizens".

This has been confirmed in dozens of  court cases. In  ( U.S. v. Anthony, 24 Fed. Cas. 829, 830, it says  "an individual can be a Citizen of one of the several states without being a citizen of the United States") and in (Slaughter_House Cases, supra; cf. U. S. v Cruikshank, 92 US 542, 549(1875) we read "a citizen of the United States without being a citizen of a State")  Thus the courts  confirmed that a person can be a Citizen of one of the several States or a citizen of the United States without being a citizen of both.

What is the difference in These are two types of citizens?

The Sovereign Citizen of an individual State is an individual whose inalienable natural rights are recognized, secured, and protected by his / her state Constitution against State actions and against federal intrusion by the Constitution of the United States. The state and federal governments must adhere to their constitution's  restrictions.

The 14th amendments hidden nightmare

The  14th amendment citizen of the United States is under federal jurisdiction. The rights of a  14th amendment citizen are very similar to the Sovereign Citizen except,  instead of having inalienable rights, they are called civil rights. They are granted as privileges  by the federal government and can be changed or taken await any time. They currently are  similar to the rights in the Bill of Rights except they do not include the 9th and 10th amendments and are very limited in the rights of amendments 1 through 8.. 

The 14th amendment citizen of the federal United States is a taxable entity like a corporation and has to pay for the privileges granted to him. He pays taxes on the land he uses and never really can own it.   He has to pay fees to travel, fees for this fees for that. He is more of a sharecropper than a landlord. He receives  all the benefits the federal government provides and is subject to all the regulations it creates.

The 14th amendment is very devious and misleading. It was never properly ratified. In 1967 Congress tried to repeal the 14th amendment on the ground that it is invalid, void, and unconstitutional, this effort was squashed by the Loyalist Baron Lawyers that have taken over Congress.  This amendment is full of double meanings and trickery . It acts like it ties all Citizens of States to the District of Columbia Citizenship and further ties them to owing the debts created by the Corporate United States  Of particular interest  are the terms resident and legal resident. These terms connect us all to the enforcement of the commercial statutes and the Admiralty Maritime law that has replaced our Common Law. Read this excellent paper on State Citizenship by T. Collins.

State citizens created the States who created the federal government. who created federal citizens. This new totem pole of authority is;

Sovereign Citizen


Federal Government

14th amendment federal citizen

Which Citizen are you? Through deceit, trickery and confusion most of us have unknowingly  become 14th amendment federal citizens. Receiving  a social security number is evidence that you have voluntarily repudiated your State Citizenship and Sovereign rights and have entered into a contractual relationship and through these contracts are subject to the Equity / Maritime codes. You no longer can claim your God given Constitutionally preserve Sovereign rights. 


Federal Reserve Bank Act

Multinational Banksters have taken over our banking system. Our monetary system is based on debt and not wealth. We have all been duped into allowing a private bank, The Federal Reserve Bank,  to control our monetary system and policy. This is  ridiculous when you sift out the facts. When  this private bank   loans our own government money,  it  is only backed by  the full faith and credit of the American people. Yet the FED charges us  interest. The FED also  uses the IRS to collect the tribute or usury  from the people. Until the late 1990's  your income tax payments went straight into the Federal Reserve. This has now changed in order to further hide what is going on. If you paid additional taxes in past years, look at the back of your cashed tax payments. Most canceled tax payments have the  Federal Reserve Bank stamp on the back.  The Grace commission confirmed that not one cent of income ever gets to the government, it all goes to pay the interest on the national debt. This national debt was loaned to the government out of thin air, yet this money created out of nothing is loaned at interest. Let that sink in.

 We the people guarantee the loans and yet pay the interest on what we guarantee. This is crazy! It takes away the natural blessings that God provides and replaces it with a manipulated, controlled system.

 The Constitution says that Congress can coin money and borrow money. It doesn't give permission for the government to allow a private bank to create money out of thin air.  See the Economics page for more data.  The FED notes cannot REALLY buy anything they just discharge debt, a subtle but legally different transaction. This is whole other story, also covered in the Economics page.

 This banking and debt currency arraignment  allows the multinational Banksters to further  tax us by inflation, tax us by engineering roller coaster cycles in the economy and stock market, where profits are skimmed at the highs,  and assets purchased at cents on the dollar during the lows. When you control the issue of currency you  can increase or decrease the cash supply.  If you  know in advance when rates will change and when the money supply will increase or decrease you can take maximum advantage without any risk.   How would you like to know what the market will do tomorrow? How would like to know inflation is going up or down next year? How would like to be able to do this with no risk because you can create money at will out of thin air anytime, at any rate, loaning to the banks and organizations you want to support.

The  money they create at will,  allows them to fund the universities that teach their agendas. Buy radio, television, movie productions, newspapers, magazines and make sure only the news that they want gets published.  Buy politicians and elections. They can call in favors and get legislation passed. They fund campaigns to insure their own  crooked politicians are on each side of every ballot. They educate and corrupt crop after crop of lifetime politicians and  have extensive dossier on all the candidates before they ever get elected. 

There have been very few politicians that have had the guts to stand up, speak the truth and perform their oath of office.  I see no evidence of protest of all the illegal congressional activities so I can assume there are no Real Honest Statesmen.   The Banksters can fund  and   develop enemies of America  to increase defense spending.  Of course they own the arms manufacturing facilities.  They use agencies and black operations at will to change the destinies of individuals,  citizens, States, and Countries.  They own the United States. Think of the awesome power.

Rothschild who controlled the Bank of England said "Let me control the issue of a countries' currency and I will in short order control everything."

If we change back to our constitutional form of monetary policy all the multinational Banksters power is taken away. The country could slowly cast off the chains of Institutionalized Tyranny.

16th amendment's  real purpose

The 16th amendment was designed by the same group that created the Federal Reserve Act. This amendment is the method by which the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank could be paid the interest they were charging for the money they created out of thin air and charge us interest. Check it out, 1913, just like the Federal Reserve Act.  This amendment was not ratified by the states, so it really is the law that never was, but the facts are not exactly easy to find. Bill Benson documented this in his book The Law that Never Was.

The Republic was Hobbled by the 17th amendment

The 17th amendment [Election of Senators (1913) changed the way the country operates by depriving the individual State of a say in government. Until that time each state's government appointed a Senator to represent the rights of the states. This was a critical part of the Republic balance of power. By putting the Senatorial election in the hands of the people the states lost a very important part of their leverage in their government.

Voting Procedures Corrupted

Our entire voting procedures need to change. We are carefully screened when we go in to vote. The controls end here. The ballots are not counted in front of citizens. They are put into boxes and taken to a site where a computer is used to count and tabulate the votes. There is no reconciling of the ballots and the votes. This system is very vulnerable in a number of places.  When the  ballots are transported, at the machine counting  and in the software  that tabulates the votes. Slight alterations of the vote count could be done at any place along the chain.

I propose that we return to the State election of Senators and a  ballot system where every citizen signs his ballot and places it in a clear container. Then at the close of the poles the ballots are hand counted  in front of as many citizens who would like to attend.  This would be compared to the sign in sheets and then the numbers could move forward.

A summary printout of each precinct would be available at the close of tabulation and posted at the pole and on the net where the citizens who witnessed the counting could compare their numbers.

This simple system would ensure an accurate honest election.


Expansion of Government

The executive branch of the government was designed to have only two main staff, the President and the Vice President and a few support employees. Today it has expanded to  hundreds of thousands.

 The executive branch is supposed to execute the law yet it is  cranking out law that applies to the entire country. This is way out of Constitutional bounds. There are  Executive Orders and Presidential Decision Directives. These are issued by the president and appear in the federal registry. If they are not challenged by Congress they become law.  Most of these are necessary and good policy and procedure items but within these housekeeping items are some very scary EO's   that are now law. Some of these "laws" allow VERY unconstitutional violations of freedom to be carried out at the whim of the Executive Branch without even consulting Congress. The constitution limited the creation of law to what was necessary to manage  the ten square miles of Washington D. C. and to the specific purchases the government made for forts and arsenals and other areas where power was delegated to the Congress.  

One of Clinton's recent Executive Orders EO 13083 called Federalism all but eliminated States Rights. This EO basically undermines everything the Constitution and the Bill of Rights declare. It removes every trace of State sovereignty that would present an obstacle to the international agenda.  It was suspended a few months later, but lays there waiting to be reinstated. Check out the links to Executive Orders and  FEMA. Executive Order 13083 with comments , Internet source of13083

Only two months after EO 13083 was signed there was enough pressure from governors, mayors and members of congress to get the order suspended by EO 13095, but the original lies there in hibernation ready to severely reduce the sovereign states authority.

Then a few months later Clinton issued another Executive Order. It is basically the same as EO 13095 except that it has a bunch of constitutional information on the first ten or so pages and then follows with the same Federalism unconstitutional junk the other one had.

The Executive branch is turning over our land to United Nations Control.    There are now 57 parks and other large tracks with a total area larger than Colorado that are no longer in our control. .  Can't be you say? It has already happened. These areas are now under control of the United Nations. See links to the UNESCO data. Clinton has also given up control of our navigable rivers.

There have been treaties signed that are not in the interest of the freedom of the American people. These are not the right of the Executive branch to sign away State and Sovereign Citizen Rights and make deals for us with foreign Agents. The executive branch should not create law it is a gross violation of the separation powers.

We need to dramatically change the law producing process . Restrict the length of bills  and require every representative and Senator read and understand them before voting on them. We should prohibit multi-subject legislation where dam building and vaccination of animals are tacked onto a highway bill.  Use simple language without specially defined terms. Post the prospective laws in periodicals and on the net so we the people can review it.  Reduce the terms of all political offices to two years and eliminate lifetime politicians.

Legal System

The law in our Union has been altered and changed over time. Our Constitution granted three forms of law to our government. Common Law,   Equity (contract law)  and Admiralty / Maritime law. Each had their own jurisdiction and purpose.

  Common Law is criminal law.  It was derived from the Magna Carta, God's Law, and the Law of the Land.  Common law was designed through the centuries in the British Isles to secure the rights of individuals to property and make it very difficult for property to be taken away without due process of law. Some of the principles are enumerated in the Bill of Rights.   In Common Law trials the jury act as Judges and they decide questions of both facts and the law. Under Common Law there is no case unless a person is harmed and swears out a complaint.  Common Law recognizes that the power of government is in the hands of the people. In a Common Law trial the Judge is an unbiased referee and is bound by oath to protect the rights of individuals. The Judge is also obliged to instruct the Jury that they are to judge the facts and the Law in each and every case. This is called Jury Nullification.

Equity is contract law, the law that Attorneys specialize in.  Equity law is about agreements and contracts and negotiable instruments. The Bill of Rights has nothing to do with this type of law. The only thing that matters in an Equity case  is whether or not you held up your end of the agreement.  

Admiralty / Maritime law  governs navigation and shipping.  Originally Admiralty was designated for all the commerce that the King himself owned, his ships and goods. Maritime law concerned the private commerce in the marine environment. This distinction disappeared at some point. 

There are also laws that the government enacts to manage the municipality of the District of Columbia and the territories. This constitutional function has been extended into areas that are well beyond the limitations of the constitution.

The founders of our country objected to the King extending the Admiralty Maritime laws into the lands of the Colonies. This is the basis of the Boston Tea Party and the unrest that led to Revolution. Our Constitution covers this in Article III Section 2.   The  Constitution covered all three types of law. Then in a landmark decision (Erie vs. Thompson 1938)  the courts decided that there would be no more cases decided based on common law. Common Law was blended with and virtually   replaced by Equity and Admiralty Law. 

The court of law   is designated by the flags. If the courtroom flies a gold trimmed American  flag, the flag declares,  and is legal notice for all who enter that the court is not an American Constitutional,  Common Law Court. It is an Admiralty /   Maritime, Equity courtroom.   Your Common Law rights only exist in these courts if you demand them. The Constitution and the Supreme Court has upheld that the Common Law is superior .  Look into the link Common Law Courts I have provided. This is real and very few Americans understand what has happened.

Judicial System

In a Common Law proceeding the jury of your peers functions as the judge. There are to judge the validity of the law itself along with whether the law was violated. This is called jury nullification. If the jury will not convict anyone of a certain crime then the law is nullified. This is how sovereign Citizens defend themselves from State and Federal encroachment.    The Judge in a common law court serves as a referee to ensure the correct procedure is followed.

Most of our Judicial proceedings today are done in Equity / Admiralty courts. In these courts the jury performs a minor function. The judge informs them of the law in his instructions. They do not judge the law. The Judge can over turn their decision. The Judge can command attorneys not to use certain defenses. In certain instances you do not have the right to a Jury trial as in IRS tax court cases.

The State Citizen that knows the legal system can  challenge the jurisdiction of the Admiralty court and demand to be tried in a common law court. They will have to replace the gold fringed Admiralty flag with an American Flag of Peace. The judge will have to insure that you are tried by a jury of your peers. The judge will need to inform the jury that they are to judge the law as well as whether the defendant broke the law. 

Representatives Not Performing

Senators, Representatives and all Judicial, State and County Officers take the  oath of public office;   "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support, obey and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of this Commonwealth and that I will discharge the duties of my office with fidelity."

Our Representatives have  allowed the constitution to be undermined and are doing nothing to reverse the trend. They are either part of the process causing our demise, scared to say anything,  lazy, ignorant,  or don't give a hoot. They are   not doing their job, which is nothing short of  treason.

It is time to start pulling ourselves out of this predicament. We do this by understanding what has occurred and use the Constitution as our guide. We communicate to others and to our representatives. Wake them up and get them to do their job.

If they do not fulfill their oath of office  then they must be Re-Called. It is our duty as citizens to do this. Citizenship isn't easy, Liberty comes with a price. Knowledge of the Constitution and what has happened is the first step. Communicating what you know to as many people as possible is the next step. Then meet your representatives and civil servants and demand they serve us correctly or get ride of them.

 The  biggest  problem America faces  is;  We the People and our representatives have become corrupt and have  turned away from God.

"If Our countrymen do not begin to resist this global government, and turn back to YAHWEH and HIS LAW upon which America was founded, sovereign nations will cease to exist, and a single global economic system will be established."    This is a prophetic WARNING to America to turn back to Our Creator YAHWEH and not to go the way of destruction which are the Administrative de facto, extra-constitutional law systems made by men who refuse YAHWEH  and HIS PERFECT LAW SYSTEM OF LIBERTY set forth for us, His Covenant People, in HIS WORD, the HOLY BIBLE."  This is from the  Freedom Fighter site.

America ....  we need to return to our Lord's  Divine Guidance that is perfectly expressed in the Holy Bible. We need to return to strict adherence to the Constitution and elect honest wholesome God fearing Christian leaders.


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