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Vortex Properties

I have been experimenting with the water vortex initially to test the vitality of drinking water. I took this picture of my vortex tank and liked it so  ...here it is.

The water vortex has some very interesting properties.   In my vortex generator the column first appears as tiny voids or bubbles appear in a thin thread all at once along the central area where the vortex begins to form. The void of the  vortex  forms from the top downward.

The vortex is a display of a balance of two forces. The inward concentrating centripetal and the disorganizing, destructive,  outward,   centrifugal. The vortex is like a display of the forces of creation.

The interaction of the two forces smoothly blends the flat spiral into the tapered tightly concentrated base. The medium is organized  into well defined shells in the column,  each one circulating  at a faster rate as you move inward to the void.

A water vortex will separate items segregating them by mass with the larger moving to the inside.

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You can see a type of braiding in the column where the concentric sheets of matter are twisted together progressively tighter as it concentrates.

The size of the vortex void  for any given set of conditions  is an indication of the ionization or charge potential of the water. This can be a simple process to determine the vitality of drinking water and it's health potential as well as its assimilation by living cells.