The Word of GOD

The  Bible is our perfect guide. The scriptures contain everything that we need and can be relied on.

Benjamin B. Warfeild in "The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible".said "the Bible is the word of God in such a sense that its words, though written by men and bearing indelibly impressed upon them the marks of their human origin, were written, nevertheless, under such an influence of the Holy Ghost as to be also the words of God, the adequate expression of His mind and will. It has always recognized that this conception of co-authorship implies that the Spirit's superintendance extends to the choice of the words by the human authors (verbal inspiration), and preserves its product from everything in-consistent with a divine authorship ..... thus securing, among other things, that entire truthfulness which is everywhere presupposed in and asserted for Scripture by the Biblical writers."

You can accept this on faith and the Word will confirm its authority in time. You can be a hard nut like I am and need more proof. GOD has installed this proof within the text itself.  There are  codes and patterns that are found in the original Hebrew and Greek text. These proofs confirm that  languages were designed and created by GOD with the universe. The flowing text of the scriptures has many different types of codes woven within the text.

These scriptures describe  the history of  man, detail the laws of GOD, instruct us on Salvation and prophesize what would and will happen. These same scriptures also contain text coded in Equidistant Letter Spacing ( ELS ), text that has numerical equivalents and in geometric arrangements.   James Harrison  in his book "The Pattern and the Prophesy" lays out many proofs of the wonderful multidimensional aspects of the Bible text.  James said " I am convinced that the majority of the structure in the universe is in the Bible.

It was necessary for the language and the entire plan of creation to be conceived in a smoothly integrated plan for these codes to exist. Only the  divine creator could have established the language and the creation in order for the codes to be present in the locations and abundance that we find them.  If the text was not perfect these codes would not  work out. This is proof to me beyond any doubt that the Bible is a perfect work of GOD and establishes the inerrancy of the Holy Scripture. 

Once a person can establish the inerrancy of Scripture,  through science as I have, or through faith,  life changes and becomes much more meaningful and events and the condition of the earth become much clearer. The Bible is the Word of God and can be relied on completely. IT contains everything that we need to know and describes exactly what life on earth is about, how it progressed, what will come and how it will be in the future.