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I felt compelled to add this section to my site even though I am not near as well versed in scripture as I want to be. I have become completely confident that the Bible is GOD'S inerrant word through scientific means. This has made the word of GOD much clearer as I read. So the belief strengthens the confidence and the confidence strengthens the faith as the faith strengthens the confidence and belief. It is a wondrous thing that builds at an increasing pace.  There is a veil that covers our consciousness. It must help protect us from the shock of the truth, for if we truly knew the Lord completely and at the same time were filthy with sin then we would probably die from disgust in ourselves. So the veil is probably for our protection. The veil that we all have that keeps us from seeing the truth peels away layer by layer as wisdom  increases. The truth is revealed little by little and everything gets clearer and clearer.

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