The Ocean Basins

The earth's surface can be divided into two basic categories, the continental crust and the ocean basins.  There is very little sediment deposited except near the coasts. Years of ocean drilling cores have confirmed that the basins are all young.  The ocean basins have no geologic table which proves they are all new.They are much younger than modern science cares to admit. The basins also prove that it happened less than 6,000 years ago.

Continental Drift is an accepted theory and I agree that the continents did indeed move.  My models indicate that both poles and more than half of the outside shell of the earth as well as some of the interior molten material was removed. After  the rip-off the  remaining crust broke into the continents and moved into the current positions at a very rapid rate. The crust is basically lighter material that floats on denser material that is in a molten plastic state.  When the extraction occurred there was a large hole opened up and the floating continental masses flowed into the chasm.

  The ocean basins are now visible for all to see thanks to new earth viewing satellite technology. These images are compiled from measurements of the variations in the ocean surface.Gravity effects the water column and reveals details of  the basin itself. The features are striking and tell us a story of the events that took place as well as the sequence.The features in the ocean basins prove that the event occurred and that  it was very rapid.

The actual final paths of the continental motions are recorded in the basin itself. Notice the long groves in the photos that follow. These lines show the exact path of the continents.

If you trace from South America along most lines you come to the position in Africa where the continents mated. These lines are altered where additional movement over-road the previous marks.

Image of the Ocean Basin between South America and Africa

The marks were made by irregularities in the continental margins. If you look closely at the eastern most tip of Africa you see a flow from the North has over flowed over the original marks. This occurred as the African section collided with the Rock of Gibraltar area Africa rotated a bit counter clockwise and dragged the firming basin material over on top of the east west lines that had connected to this point. It is interesting that the current plate tectonic model shows this area just north of the