Kamron's Path



This a short account of the path I have traveled.

 I remember first wondering about what I was. I was. That was the first basic thing that I was sure that I knew. The core base of knowledge. I am.  What was I though. I was not a body. The mind was not me either. I was watching the mind so I could not be the mind. I was the watcher. Aware that I was. Conscious. Separate from the body and mind. A spirit.

I studied the sciences, became educated on evolution and the theories of geology. I loved plate tectonics.  I bought into the idea that the world was billions of years old and that life somehow made an appearance against all odds.  The idea, that given enough time anything can and will happen. A tornado could pass through a junkyard and fashion a 747 airplane, that could pass for one we build today. In an infinite universe given an infinity of time even man could evolve.   Even  without a plan and design everything will eventually happen. TIME is the creator. It all seamed clear. It was all getting worked out so neatly.  The new world order was educating me and my co-pupils. They also were educating God right out of existence. I bought into it hook line and sinker, but thanks to God, I changed.

The outpoint in the NWO view and achilles heal to the there is no God only science  is that we know we are. We are conscious. Consciousness is unique. It is not of the physical world. It is not an option of the infinite time, infinite universe concept.  Time might be able to arrange things in any order but it would not give matter consciousness. No way.

There is another problem in the Time as creator concept. It is the Second Law of Thermodynamics. This well proven law  states that things progress from order to disorder.  The entire universe will eventually be a cold still place where nothing moves.  It all runs down. You see this all around you. While life builds order time and the 2nd law degrades it.

Where did all this order come from? There is order and systems everywhere we look.

I love geology and have traveled quite a bit in the US and Central America. I found a growing list of things  that did not fit into the Uniformitarianism view. There are lots of gaps and problems that are propped up by other ideas that have problems. More on this in my Catastrophic Geology area.   The study of how the earth is and how it arrived in its current state was the starting point of the REAL evolution of Kamron.   The earth had evidence everywhere of a calamitous and turbulent recent past.  I read books by Emmanuelle Velikovsky, Earth in Upheaval and  Worlds in Collision. He has lots of confirming data on this.  I found a book by Lewis Manson The Birth of the Moon,  a great work. On its cover is a picture of the moon being torn off the earth. This is a vision I had as a child. That really catalyzed the process.  I came across  Ragnarok, The Age of Fire and Gravel by Donnelly. He had noticed that the surface of the earth in many places was covered by gravel beds. The existance of the non worn surfae gravel that lies in deep beds over much of the surface of the earth is proof that a great cataclysim occurred. See my gravel page.

I started to see confirmation of the Bible's account of the flood which described a catastrophic event. This started a renewed interest in the Book of Books.

The next major step was the discovery of the ELS (Equidistant Letter Spacing) coding that is in the original masoretic text of the Bible.  I read a book by Yacov Rambsel, " Yeshua The Hebrew Factor".    Rambsel covers case after case of codes and has discovered  finding Yeshua the Hebrew name for Jesus more than 1600 times.  These codes that the Bible has at first seamed just interesting.   As you look into it in depth the amount of codes found using ELS  are so abundant that you it leaves no doubt as to the author.  It was necessary for the language and the entire plan of creation to be conceived in a smoothly integrated plan for these codes to exist. Only the a divine creator could have established the language and the creation in order for the codes to be present in the locations and abundance that we find them. 

Another great book I surfed out is The Pattern and the Prophesy by James Harrison. He deals with Gematria among many other things. Gematria or Theomatics is the study of the numerical values of words and phrases.  I spoke with James and will never forget his statement regarding the Bible. He said that the majority of the structure in the universe is contained in this one book, the Holy Bible. With known galaxies having all their stars and planetary systems all spiraling in organized patterns. Earth's civilizations with all our computerized order and still the majority of the structure in the universe is in the Bible. Takes a lifetime to digest that one.

I now know the  Bible is a Divine work. It has information on many levels. There is not one period or coma out of place. It is exact and precise and tells everything we need to know to get home.

The ignorant man has a veil over his eyes that filters all that he sees.   Knowledge and the Truth peels away the veil and more knowledge is then available. This is the process of gaining wisdom. God has left us this marvelous work The Holy Bible with embedded codes to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that He created this universe and us for a purpose. 

It is Gods privilege to hide his secrets and the work of diligent aware Kings to discover it.  So Explore!