What is the human being? We have bodies and minds, but so do the animals. The human is more than that. I remember first wondering about what I was.  I couldn't put my finger on it but there was more to me than flesh and bones. The process of understanding began with realizing how little I really knew. What do we REALLY know?  We KNOW  we ARE. If you are in any kind of aware condition this is true. We know that we are.

That was the first basic thing that I was sure that I knew. The core base of knowledge. I am.  What was I though.

I was not a body. I was fortunate to have an out of body experience early in life. I was  awake and up in the corner of my bedroom,  looking down at my body.  At first it was very comfortable but then when I realized what was happening the  shock slammed me back into the body with a jolt.  

 If I could see my body from a distance, awake and aware  then I could not be my body. I was in, near and around my body but I was not my body that was certain.

 I see the human as a composite of the body mind and being or spirit. 

The mind is like a combination of a recorder and processor. It creates the memory which is composed of recordings of our perceptions.  We use these memories to create simulations and mental experiments.  Under our surface awareness it runs the body and guides its functions.  

The mind however is the being.  The being is the part that is aware. The watcher. The part of the composit that is aware of the beingness.

Awareness of self and what we are is a never ending discovery.

How do we proceed? What is the correct path? What will get us home?  Where is the map that teaches us about ourselves and the world around us? Where is the guide to this existence?

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