Water is the most important compound on the earth. In its pure H2O state it is an excellent solvent able to dissolve and hold the widest variety of elements and compounds of any fluid.

The human body is more than 65% water. Water prepares substances for transport across cell membranes and distributes nutrition to the cells and carries toxins and waste products away through the lymphatic and blood circulatory systems. Pure distilled water has  the best potential to carry the bodies food products and discarded waste therefore  and increasing the body's efficiency.

Chemically treated water as well as much of the stream and well water near civilization are laden with chemicals and toxins. These foreign substances will clog your system and poison the body. One look at an old  water pipe is proof enough that this water deposits material into the body and may be the major cause of the increase in system malfunction. Tap water contains most of the sickness and disease that comes with civilization. It may contain over 700 identifiable chemicals , which clog the bodies systems and accumulate there. This polluted water has lost most of its ability to cleanse the body and as a result of consuming it, the impurities and chemicals build up in the body.

I believe that hardening of the arteries, arthritis, diabetes, kidney stones, gall stones and many other health problems are from this bad water.  Drinking pure distilled water is one of  the most important components of a healthy life style.

There is a lot of talk about mineral water being good for the body and distilled water leaching the minerals out of the body. There is no truth to this. The cells regulate what they take in and what they discard.  The body can only assimilate minerals that are prepared by plants which convert the inorganic minerals into organic forms our bodies can use.  There is no loss of nutritious material from the cells.  

Additionally the minerals that are found in water  and expensive designer water actually reduce the body's efficiency. Pure distilled water flows easily into all the cells and is able to absorb more waste material than mineral and chemical laden water.

The body needs lots of water. The circulatory system recycles hundreds of gallons of water through the kidneys every day The more water we drink the better the bodies systems perform  and the more thorough the cleansing process becomes. . Pure water is the key to making the process more effective and faster.

The consumption of hard minerals, chlorides, fluorides and other chemicals interfere with the normal metabolic activity. Even trace amounts can be harmful. Drinking pure water will eliminate the chance of consuming harmful chemicals and help to remove them from the system.

Chemical laden sweat dries to a toxic crust on the skin, causing it to deteriorate and feel rough. Drinking pure water will help cleanse the pores and help keep the skin young and healthy.

Food and drinks taste much better when prepared with pure water. When steamed and cooked without chemicals food retains more of it's nutritional value. The colors are brighter and the food doesn't oxidize or turn yellow.

There is another property of water, the vitality or charge of the water,  that is very important. . I have tested various water using a vortex machine to demonstrate the charge of the water. Tap water produces a very weak vortex while distilled water cranks out a massive vortex.

  water vortex.tif (4254444 bytes)

According to studies done by Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) a pioneering Austrian naturalist this vitality is a very important feature and contributes to health and plant growth. Search the web for information on this most interesting person. Vitality or charge effects the viscosity of water and its acceptability to the body's cells. The more vitality the better. The process of distillation produces vapor, the smallest of water molecules  which increases the water air contact area. This increases the exchange of electrons and the negative charge  or vitality goes way up, making it very healthy.

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Water has many other great properties that are documented in various sites see my links page for sources.

I have done long term testing of water distillers and carry a full line of them, from stove top or campground models to sophisticated automatic and commercial models.