How Does Prayer Work?

First you must read the page on the design of the universe.

Having come to the conclusion that there is a designer is a normal prerequisite to believing that prayer works. Prayer does work. This has been proven many times. Case after case shows that the prayed for improve faster than those who are not prayed for. So prayer works, but how?

The fact that prayer works gives us an interesting insight into the universe and how it functions.

First of all I believe that the Creator, our Lord is infinite. We cannot really understand what infinity really is but we humor ourselves by thinking that it is for ever and without end and all that.

The Bible says that the Lord created the heavens and earth in 6 days. He spoke the universe into existence with the word Hey!,  and it was done. Then he formed the current configuration in the balance of those days. Lets dispense with the length of the day argument for now, and just for the sake of this discussion accept that the universe as we know it was created by our Lord.

Now the Lord also created man and gave him free will. or self determinism.

The Lord also knows the final outcome of this universe as well as the position, direction and speed of every single mote that exists. He knows what you will do next year on June 12th at 1:22 PM. He knows all and sees all. Read the section of self determinism to get may take on this.

So the Lord knows all and has designed into the universe a contingency for everything that we will do. The whole thing is predetermined, if this is true then does prayer really work? Did God already know how much and how real our prayers were before hand and pre created the outcome we would pray for before it occurred?

This would mean that prayer really didn't change the universe,  and it would also mean that we were not really self determined, which we know is not the case.  It would mean that all is pre determined and that our will has nothing to do with what will occur.

Let me bring up another important point to this discussion.  The Lord has created this universe to be endlessly interesting. No matter how much wisdom you attain, no matter how many of life's mysteries you solve, you will only be scratching the surface. There is an infinite universe out there and it will be infinitely interesting ...... forever. How can this be? I think I know.

The universe is infinite, this means that it is every way at all times. It is every single possible conceivable arrangement everywhere at all times. Ponder this a moment. If the universe is infinite then this statement is true.

There is a universe where this line is this long. _

There is a universe where this line is this . long.____, in the same exact place and circumstances that we perceive as now.  NOW is infinite.

There is a universe with a little green man sitting on your monitor right now. There is another one where he has his toenails painted yellow with green stripes.

There is every possible arrangement of everything at all times. This concept is a small  requirement for an infinite universe. Our Lord is infinite and so is his creation,  so it is only logical that this infinity would contain everything everywhere at all times. And this is all happening right NOW.

The universe out there is a reflection of your inner self. The outer universe is subordinate to your inner universe and the result of it.

Therefore when you pray that a sick friend in the hospital gets better, and he does, you have not changed him, you have changed yourself. You have shifted your existence into the universe where he makes a recovery. There is another universe where he dies. You chose one where he recovers. You pray yourself to a different and higher state,  and in your universe he lives. This is the only logical way that prayer could work. All other scenarios just make it appear that prayer works. The only scenario where prayer works is if and when you change the universe. The only way you can change the universe is if you are the key component of this universe. This forces the conclusion that we must each have individual universes coordinated together in the mind of God. We as a small part of God can , through God change our universe and therefore pray change into our reality.

When you pray you change yourself. You make a definitive change in the make up of your universe. You shift to another reality. You change yourself.

We are each and everyone of us a part of God. We are all of the one mind of God, yet we are each separate to the degree we determine in the role we are playing. 

Life is a malleable spiritual creation where the activity and the outcome can be anything and everything you might imagine. Life is an illusion albeit a very permanent one. It is still just what we conceive it to be and nothing less.

So in my world when I pray I am praying for myself to change. I am asking for Gods guidance and help in making me what I want myself to become. I am asking for change in myself.  When I pray for the health of My dear Grandmother, I am praying that my universe is one where she is healthy.